Senin, 20 Oktober 2014

Why the New iPhone 6 and LG G3 Belong in a Leather Case

2014 has come not only with exciting Hollywood productions, tense international affairs and a complete makeover of the European Parliament, but also with revolutionizing technological devices, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. The living proof that Apple remains on top of things well after Steve Jobs' death is the massive anticipation towards the arrival of the iPhone 6, rumored to undeniably surpass its predecessor in all internal aspects, and also to come encased in aluminium.

Other than that, its features remain a mystery. Apple fans should, however, consider pre-ordering the gizmo, as new smart phones are expected to sell out quickly. Unsurprisingly, a massive flux of orders have already been sent, and ideas for accessories are already in the making. An artisan specialized in leather cases for smart phones and tablets, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, has already started the conception of an iPhone 6 leather case, intended to conserve the phone's matchless performance for as long as possible - the case will provide not only protection to humidity, a firm grip and temperature stabilization, but also impact resistance and a clean environment. With advantages as numerous as these, it's an item worth keeping in mind and a welcome addition to safeguard a costly investment.

Drawing our attention towards a device announced to make its debut in June, 2014, LG brings plenty of exciting features to the table, all wonderfully interlaced in its new model, the LG G3. Never before has an LG creation overwhelmed to such magnitude, with its 5.5 inch screen, compact size and 4.4 Android KitKat, augmented with a Snapdragon 801 riding on 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM.

The integrated camera is a superb 13 megapixel wonder, created to render amazingly detailed images in even the worst visual settings. With such awesome features, the LG G3 is a jewel deserving to be kept in the highest quality jacket. The same manufacturer from Vilnius is quick to rise to the sum of expectations by launching a LG G3 leather case in the near future, exhibiting its usual finesse of genuine leather, conscientious handicraft and at the same time unfaltering usefulness. Surely, there is no better match for a magnificent phone than an equally sleek leather case.

From a stylish point of view, it is often said that people tend to neglect their appearance. Choosing the right clothes and shoes is something few get right, and even fewer are those that don't lose accessories out of sight, be it watches, wallets or bags. As we progress, so do our commodities, and perhaps a new accessory that should find its way in the well-groomed man's kit is the phone leather case, serving as a distinguishable detail from the sloppy majority. As with all consummate things, leather survives as an epitome of timeless good taste and knowledgeable elegance. Even though technology is by definition dynamic, the principles which guide it remain the same, and no material can better reflect its tenacity than the ever-refined leather. If you're eager for a few phone, why not give it a warm welcome with a sumptuous leather case?